THE YORKSHIRE BRANCH  (please scroll down to see all the pictures)

"Many years ago my father said that our family came from Yorkshire,
he thought near Halifax, and that the name meant a 'black bog' or 'black stream'.
Once the web came along, I was able to search, and I found it:  
not Blackledge Road or Blackledge Street, but just BLACKLEDGE."

(John Blackledge, 4 East Street, Atherton, M46 9AU. dob 03/04/1952.
(son of William Blackledge of Ordsall Lane, Salford. dob 27/04/1920)

- In 1751 it was a country footpath from Wards End.

BARUM-TOP, in 1606, was called Bourame, and Berum in 1797,
where the old " Watergates " are shown in one of the corporation pamphlets,
another reference is to S. King being fined 39s. 0d. for not letting the water have its course,
and Roger Foster 'payned' the same amount for not letting the water flow into
(Ref: Yorkshire Directory of Streets)

And Google Maps provided:



So my daughter Sonia and I took a road-trip to find it:







So, for better or for worse, I thought that this Yorkshire branch eventually became the Salford (Lancashire) Protestant branch.

Then I was contacted by my cousin Lucy Dowling (her mother is a Blackledge), who explained that the Blackledges have always been a Lancashire line, not Yorkshire, and she had the family tree to prove it!
(Thank you, Lucy!)

The family tree is now reproduced on this website (see left menu).

We now realise that the main Blackledge line have always been staunch Catholics, and we think that my line of the family branched off as Protestants during the Civil War.