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Free Software for MS Windows  


Please note:

All the software shown below was written by
John Blackledge of TLA Data Systems between 2002 and 2010.
Each program has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Due to Microsoft's habit of constantly changing the internal code requirements of each new version of Windows, it was necessary for developers such as ourselves to create new version after new version.
Because of this, software development has now ceased, and all the software shown below is
offered FREE for download and use, with no guarantees of future system compatibility.

This software is provided "as  is" and without warranty. You may use it at your own risk.
(But hopefully you'll really enjoy it. - JB :-)

Requested by and created for English Heritage
(2002-04), but after political infighting within that organisation the project was dropped.
(All licensing therefore reverts to the author -me.)
To this day, a decade later, they still have no PC-based 3D simulations for sale.

(149 Mb)

Because I always wanted
to fly around the solar system,
and so did my daughter.

(65.9 Mb)

Cartouche Maker


Convert your (or your lover's) name

to hieroglyphics, then save as a .jpg
file for inclusion as
a signature or in an email.



(3.8 Mb)



The Northern Lights seen from Space

viewed from the International Space Station.

Videos courtesy of NASA.



(123 Mb)


3D Freeware Screensaver



(1.7 Mb)


A Walk in the Countryside

3D Freeware Screensaver

Written for an infirm friend who cannot get out.


(8.5 Mb)


The Alethiometer


Freeware from our friends at NeoNavis:

Behold a working  Alethiometer from the 'Northern Lights' trilogy books by Philip Pullman.  

One of the few examples I have ever seen of 'perfect' programming and graphics.


NeoNavis Website

( 06-12-2011 which seems to have disappeared. I've tried to contact Wendell Martin but he is nowhere to be found on the web, so (as one of the original beta-testers) I'm hosting it until told otherwise. Click on the right to download.)